About us

The target of the project is to acquire B2B and B2C clients.

We operate internationally, rendering individual services to customers.

Assumptions and goals

Welcome to the 4biz2.bize-commerce marketplace community! Our goal is to create for you, users, a website that will support your business and improve, develop it on an international scale without unnecessary restrictions. The largest group of entrepreneurs are small and medium-sized enterprises. This is their portal through which they will be able to develop their business.

4biz2.biz is a marketplace, gathering many entrepreneurs in one place. Lead a business without borders, offering new solutions and breaking barriers that often prevent or discourage entrepreneurs from taking up new challenges.

The most important is business

The portal offers not only services for buying / selling goods and services - placing offers, acquiring partners, investors, buying a business, finding a client, subcontractors, franchises, and also providing a business guide - describing the main determinants of doing business in different countries, business calendar offering trade fairs, exhibitions and conferences. 4biz2.biz meets entrepreneurs enabling entering new markets, price comparisons and removing language barriers.

4biz2.biz was created thanks to the cooperation of a number of companies from Central Europe, the involvement of many experts and especially the hints of small and medium-sized companies. We want to thank all experts and our customers who have used our services, and gave us advice to better provide services.